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Welcome dear users and visitors of the portal of electronic cigarettes Pons. On our site you can find a lot of useful information not only about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, but a completely new way to quit smoking, because they use cartridges without nicotine or its low content. One such method involves the use of a new type of smoking, and if briefly, then you just start to wean from your adverse privichek due to the purchase of e-cigarette or electronic cigarette . You can order goods anywhere in Russia with free shipping. In our catalog a huge selection of colors and flavors, I think you will find a suitable option. Now some specific information about the product. If you are interested, you can take a look at the detailed diagram and electronic cigarettes.You will see that it is completely transparent and is harmless to your health. By the way shipping to Moscow takes less than a week, keep in mind.


What is an electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette)?

The electronic cigarette is a concept placed on the market in recent years as a response to the high number of smokers and the severe health problems that smoking and cigarette smoke occur. The operating principle of the electronic cigarette is relatively simple: a battery based device vaporizes the nicotine existent in a small tank, it can be inhaled by the same gesture as that of smoking a conventional cigarette. To look like conventional cigarettes, the shape of the electronic cigarette is similar to the one made ​​of paper and filter. 
An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a device that provides the user the nicotine inhaled. It is an alternative to tobacco products (like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc ...). In addition, the generated vapors of this device have a certain aroma and produce a sensation similar to inhaling the smoke of a conventional cigarette, at the same time without emitting smoke and combustion. The electronic cigarette emits a harmless vapor that sensory organs are perceived as emitted by a conventional cigarette, satisfied the "hungry" nicotine cravings, ensures the ritual of smoking. It has fewer disadvantages, do not endanger your health or that of your loved ones and in addition you can use anywhere, in all places where it is forbidden to smoke. It eliminates passive smoking, creating a healthier way to smoke. The Electronic Cigarette leaves no unpleasant odor in the house, the car, the clothes, keeping clean, fresh breath, the latter probably being immediately preview advantage. The expenses generated by the use of the electronic cigarette will fall by 4-5 times compared to conventional cigarettes. 
Using the electronic cigarette, little by little you will begin to feel the smells, tastes long forgotten, and your lungs nettoyerons. Pick a beautiful smile without jobs and without smelly breath; A foundation in good health, without risk of premature wrinkles and vieillessement. Forget diabetes, sexual dysfunction, exhaustion and headaches.